Hotel Cima Belprà
San Vito di Cadore

In the heart of the Dolomites, in San Vito di Cadore, the local hospitality of the valley is at home. The Hotel Cima Belprà and its exclusive offers for the holidays in the Dolomites are the ideal for spending your time with some friends and the family between fun and relax, surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains of the Dolomites.

Hotel San Vito di Cadore mezza pensione

The Dolomites all the year

Hotel Cima Belprà is the ideal accomodation for live the mountain, as in summer as in winter, thanks to a reasonably priced high hotel service. It is the ideal for tourists and hikers.


The Rooms

Stay at the Hotel Cima Belprà means to find the teast of the little things. The sound and the perfume of the wood, the sincerity of the tiny details, the warmth of the customized services and the pleasure of a stay in the nature and the quietness of the Dolomites. All in the middle of many views you will never forget.

The Rooms
Hotel San Vito di Cadore mezza pensione
hotel san vito di cadore con ristorante mezza pensione

Trattoria La Scaletta

For the clients of the Hotel Cima Belprà and for the tourists from the villages nearby, looking for a restaurant in San Vito di Cadore and whoever wants to try something new, the typical restaurant “La Scaletta” will know how to satisfy their taste with strong flavours and an ancient history.

The Restaurant
“What are Dolomites made on? [...]
Are they made of stones or of clouds?
Are they real or is it just a dream?”

This is what Dino Buzzati wrote, he was a famous writer from Belluno who spent his life on these mountains.
From the rooms of our hotel in San Vito di Cadore in the Dolomites, towards East, stands out the Mount Antelao which, 3264 meters high, is the higher of the area. Southwards there is the Mount Ride, venue of the museum of the mountain created by the great alpinist Reinhold Messner, headoffice of a military fortress of the Great War. Westwards the valley is dominated by the seat of God, the massime mount Pelmo, while to the north you can see the Tofane and the Croda Marcora.